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Abbaye des Capucins

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Quai de Verdun

82000 Montauban

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Our Care Concept:


Our Global Method of Care, developed by the MGS Lucia Rapetti laboratory, arises from numerous researches in the field of homeopathy, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, aromatherapy and beauty care.

It brings to light the " Biotypology", the footprint that gives each individual the characteristics  which are their own and make them unique.


It is a thorough study that will allow knowing the person to treat in depth, and thus understanding the causes which provoked the aesthetic problem.


Thanks to the preliminary biotypological assessment and to a bioenergetic check-up,the chosen care will be totally adapted to the needs of each one, bringing efficiency, deep well-being, beauty and balance.


We shall always begin our care program with an overall rebalance, thanks to detoxination and energetic rebalance.


Then, we shall intervene on the aesthetic problem in a tarteged way.


For this purpose, natural products with precious actives, paraben-free, PEG-free,modern and ancient techniques discovered across the world, natural and preservative-free food supplements, because:

"No outside beauty without internal balance"



The Spa is open to all, hotel guests or non residents. Complimentary car park.

The Spa is not accessible to the children under age 16.